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“Humpies pay the bills”.


Xboundary from Salmon Beyond Borders.

Learn more at Salmon Beyond Borders

Why Trout?

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We were trying to figure out where the lightswitch was in the bunker when we tripped over a package with Wes’ Coas’ return address. After we ran it through the bomb defuser (DirtBag Bloggers and Steelheaders got no friends), we opened it up to find this little gem from Buster’s friend Deerhawk. As you well know, the regular scalawags haven’t been around much lately – We would like to attribute that more to having real jobs than the more likely reality of us being a bunch of lazy, shiftless good-for-nothings…

Maybe this will shake a few of the regulars out of the woodpile.
Why Trout?

As Anglers, why do we gravitate to the Trout? When there are many game fish in the world, why Salmo?…why Oncorhynchus?

Let’s jump right in and consider one of the historical bad-asses;

In Herd’s “A Fly Fishing History”, he references “On The Nature Of Animals” by the Roman scholar AElian (about 200 ad). In it AElian speaks of the Macedonians angling in the river Astraeus (now ID’d as the Arapitsas) that flows in the area of Boroea and Thessalonica for “fish with speckled skins” that rose “upon a fly that is peculiar to the country, which hovers on the river”

2000 years ago, as today, Trout were one of the few species that was easily observed feeding, and their food of choice was something that man could easily imitate… not to mention the fact of Trout being a tasty meal.

Then, of course, there is also a little thing called the “Tug Factor”. Fishing with a net brought home the baco…ah, food value, but there was little if any joy in pulling up that “fish bag”. You were stuck in the boat all day, rain or shine… fish or no fish. Your boss was an idiot and only had the job because he was Tax collector’s nephew. The guy who had the other oar across from you complained about his wife all day. It was no picnic.

But the Trout…oh, the Trout! It was counted pure joy for an able man to work the River. You got to leave early, with little or no guff from the wife. After all, you were a Hunter, in the field counting on skills built over a lifetime…your own boss! You could spend all day chasing the “fish with speckled skin”… and the best part, when the fish fought, the Angler was rewarded with the tug, which ignited inside that most ancient rush, the thrill and experience of the fight, of tricking and capturing another animal.

And the walk back through town… with the prize… priceless!

Through thousands of years of history, the Trout is the one that stands fin and tooth over all other species. It is the answer to the question “why”. Angling for Trout is an honorable sport and pastime. Certainly there are many other game fish, but none as noble as the Trout! Because we are hunters, we seek the prey. When it presents itself, is when we strike!

Put apathy and self-loathing behind, there is no room for those things in an Anglers life. Go Fish, and if it’s to cold or the rivers are blown, then start working on next seasons dance card…’cause in about 6 weeks the days start getting longer.

More later…

Gimme Some Skin.

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One of 974 reasons we have been semi-incommunicado lately.


Gettin’ while the gettin’ is good, Fisha.

A Triptych on Superstition in American Angling -

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Because April Needs a Post

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…SO 2013.



Kicking cabin fever in the teeth.

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One Step Closer

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Sportsmen Pleased with Decision to put Clean Water Act into Action in Bristol Bay
Provisions within the Act Could Halt Pebble Mine in the Heart of Wild Alaska

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 28, 2014
Chris Wood, President and CEO, Trout Unlimited, (703) 284-9403
Tim Bristol, Director, TU’s Alaska Program, (907) 321-3291
Rob Masonis, Vice president for Western Conservation, TU, (206) 491-9016
Steve Moyer, Vice president for Government Affairs, TU (703) 284-9406

WASHINGTON, D.C—Trout Unlimited today congratulated the Environmental Protection Agency for putting the Clean Water Act into action and potentially halting the infamous Pebble Mine in the headwaters of Alaska’s storied Bristol Bay watershed.

“It is difficult to overstate the significance of this announcement. If the EPA follows the science and follows through on this, it will rank as one of the most significant conservation achievements of the past 50 years,” said Trout Unlimited president and CEO, Chris Wood. “This is one of the few places left on earth where nature works as it should, and it’s a breadbasket for the world, supplying literally hundreds of thousands of people with wild salmon.”

By putting into action Section 404 (c) of the Clean Water Act, the EPA is starting a process that will determine if large-scale mining in the Bristol Bay watershed of southwest Alaska, specifically the Pebble deposit, can co-exist with the area’s renewable natural resources, most importantly the waters that provide the spawning and rearing habitat for the world’s largest sockeye salmon, as well as trophy rainbow trout, Dolly Varden, Arctic grayling and four other Pacific salmon species.

An EPA watershed report produced last year makes it clear that mining in this area would damage vital salmon habitat and, in the event of spills or accidents, put that habitat in imminent danger in perpetuity. By putting the process outlined in the Clean Water Act into play, the EPA is setting a very high—but reasonable and appropriate—bar for Pebble Mine to get over and prove there won’t be impacts to water quality and the region’s irreplaceable fishery.

“This is a very proactive and thoughtful decision on the part of the EPA, and we at Trout Unlimited join with the millions of sportsmen and women across  America in congratulating Administrator McCarthy for taking this important step,” said Steve Moyer, vice president for government affairs. “This issue has been our top conservation issue for nearly a decade, and our volunteers from all over the country have worked very hard to get to this point. We’re very pleased that the EPA has heard our voices, and we are grateful that it is translating the desires of millions of anglers into action.”

Bristol Bay’s salmon provide upwards of 14,000 jobs in Alaska and the Northwest every single year, and about half of the world’s annual sockeye salmon harvest comes from this region. Additionally, this area of Alaska is known for its unparalleled sportfishing—it’s probably the best place in North America to catch rainbow trout that will stretch a tape to 30 inches or more.

“This is the best place in the world to fish for salmon and trout, period,” said Tim Bristol, director of TU’s Alaska Program. “Sportsmen and women from Alaska and all over the United States have led the charge against Pebble Mine and for the protection of Bristol Bay’s salmon and trout for a long time. To see the process put in place that could protect thousands of long-term jobs in the commercial fishing industry and the opportunity for coming generations to fish for salmon and trout in Alaska is very gratifying. While we won’t know the outcome of this process for some time, it’s clear the EPA is listening to anglers, hunters and the people of Bristol Bay. I hope sportsmen and women all over America will join me in applauding the EPA for taking this bold step.”

Trout Unlimited is the nation’s oldest and largest coldwater fisheries conservation organization dedicated to conserving, protecting and restoring North America’s trout and salmon and their watersheds. Follow TU on Facebook and Twitter, and visit us online at tu.org or at savebristolbay.org.



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Meet Shawn. He’s from Edmonds and is a steelheader. Shawn is also a Hawks fan. One day this past weekend Shawn went fishing and caught this giant wild buck. The next day he went to the Hawks/Niners game wherein the Seattle Seahawks took the Conference title. Shawn says, “Best. Weekend. Ever.”
Strong work, Shawn, strong work indeed.

Faster Than A Junebug In A Hen House.

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via Anadromy Fly Fishing who besides having a thing for Speyco reels has just opened a shop near Forks.

The Worst Best Song of 2013

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Like a bad cold this goddam song got passed around camp for the entire ten days of Souphole 2013. The video is almost unbearable. Enjoy.

A couple more trips. Maybe. Probably one more. Maybe.

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I forgot how much I like sniffing glue.


Pair #4. Size 13. Old Patagucci stock. The Last of the Mohicans.



Yule, Fools.

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Pulp Fly Volume Three – Alive and Kicking

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Introduction by Michael Gracie

Erin Block

Alex Landeen

Pete McDonald

Miles Nolte

Tom Reed

Tom Sadler

Bruce Smithhammer

April Vokey

Bob White

Steve Zakur

Jay Zimmerman

feat. cover art by Bob White



Eleven stories to warm your digital hearth over the holidays, by some of the most creative writers putting pen to paper. Consider it the antidote to all those cheesy “fisherman gifts.”

To download a complimentary audio version of Erin Block’s story “Could Be Good” from V3, click here.

Available now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kobo. iTunes coming soon…

What Gets You Through

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It’s deep winter damn near everywhere, so here are a pair of Jim Harrison related pieces to get you through. One is an autobiographical travelogue “My Upper Peninsula” and the other is a guide’s tale of guiding him and Peter Matthiessen in Montana.

Those two and some brown sauce might get you through till Monday.

“Stupid like a fox…”

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I sit back and admire my work then notice the leaf blower tucked away in a corner.

They look like carp

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This just in from Vice. Hippies rejoice, yer still hippies.

See, one big reason the nostalgia-obsessed, status-seeking, upper-middle-class folks we shorthand as “hipsters” are such magnets for ridicule is because most everything they do is useless.

What if?

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I heard this from a guy I know who knows a guy that got this this note from some other guy who is way in the know.

There remains an immense amount of fine habitat in the Yakima outside those two streams. The Naches River alone should be having returns of over 6,000 steelhead, Satus and Toppenish each 2,000 and the upper mainstem Yakima and many of its tributaries such as Big Creek, Cabin Creek, Teanaway River, and many others should have at least another 6,000-10,000 … even under present conditions. Given the good passage conditions in the Columbia in recent years and the good overall ocean conditions, the Yakima should be having wild steelhead returns of 15,000-20,000.

Read the rest at Emerald Water Anglers.

“Access is a right not a privilege.”

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Occupy our public lands! From the Upper Columbia Flyfisher.

I simply want to remind readers that as partial owners of our public lands, we cannot be barred entry just because Congress doesn’t want to pay a gatekeeper. If there is a lake or stream on public lands that you cannot access because of the Shut-Down, then I would urge you to get there any way you can without regard for the ‘closed’ signs. Our public lands, waterways & parks are commonwealth that belongs to all citizens. Safely pass in those places as you please & without fear. Refuse to let the Shut-Down bar public access.

Woot Woooot!

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Buster’s Noted Notables

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It is with a heavy heart that we report that William Freddie McCullough, of Bloomingdale has passed from this earth. As noted in his obituary in the Savannah Morning News,

There isn’t enough space here to list all of the women from Freddie’s past. There isn’t enough space in the Bloomingdale phone book. A few of the more colorful ones were Momma Margie, Crazy Pam, Big Tittie Wanda, Spacy Stacy and Sweet Melissa (he explained that nickname had nothing to do with her attitude). He attracted more women than a shoe sale at Macy’s. He got married when he was 18, but it didn’t last. Freddie was no quitter, however, so he gave it a shot two more times. It didn’t work out with any of the wives, but he managed to stay friends with them and their parents.”