A couple more trips. Maybe. Probably one more. Maybe.

I forgot how much I like sniffing glue.


Pair #4. Size 13. Old Patagucci stock. The Last of the Mohicans.



3 Responses to “A couple more trips. Maybe. Probably one more. Maybe.”

  1. Gaper Says:

    Are those Beefies? I had a pair of those back in the day; didn’t hang on to them as well as you did. Nice work.

  2. creeklover Says:

    Yep. I bought a shop out of my size several years back. He had trouble moving them. This is my last pair. Going to miss ‘em.

  3. jmccandless Says:

    I still have a pair of these, the last trip I took with them was a month long adventure and had to use 40lb mono to keep the felt on! Still a great boot! Reminds me I should put new felt on them and use ‘em!

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