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Down With Brown

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The first installment in our new, “Things seen from the back of a driftboat” series:

















For a Refreshing Change of Pace, We Bring You Some Good News

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There are times when it seems like all I ever see in the news is the negative.  I can be a fairly pessimistic person, so perhaps my natural bent leans towards finding what’s tore up in the world.  It was pretty damn nice to see a post on The Headhunter about a couple of guys making it happen for Project Healing Waters.  If you don’t know, Project Healing Waters is about helping vets with the physical and emotional rehab process through fly fishing.  Helping out vets who need it is most worthy in my book, so when Adipose Boatworks figured out a way to overcome some of the difficulties with putting a wheelchair in a drifter, shot, my eyes got all damn misty.  I’m looking at the bow platform they fabricated and one I’m struck by how professional it looks, and how you know they spent some money to get it right. That is money you know they aren’t going to recoup by selling those commercially but they did it anyway so a young kid can fish without being limited by his wheelchair.Nice work by all involved.

Your Custom Drifter: Mayhem in Snowtown!

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Boat: A hole in the water you throw money and time into

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Just kidding with the title, but one of the Stansberry brothers One Mule Team is still cranking away and restoring his bartender. Too cool of a project.

wherin we begin the week by rocking the fuck out…

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i have a new computer and am testing to see if it can post yutub clips as well as my last one… YouTube Preview Image

I see your Ted Leo and raise you a Scott Biram:

Good to have you back amongst the imaginary, Thee.

Your Custom Drifter: Run Out The Guns!

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neutrally buoyant, but who cares?

Lovingly rendered by Fat Guy Alex at Fat Guy Fly Fishing. Send yours to

Your Custom Drifter: Scurvy Dog Edition

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The Dread Pirate Captain Jay with his special custom cork ‘toon. Word at the launch is that he paid extra for it because “he’s a wee little nancy about sinking.” But nobody would say it very loud.

AWK! Pritty beard! BIRD! Pritty bird!

From Unfrozen Caveman. Send yours to

Your Custom Drifter: Guest of Honor Edition

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Timely submission from Castingoutloud.

Send yours to

Photoshoppery: Your Custom Drifter

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Call for submissions: whip up a custom rig. We don’t care if it’s a photoshop masterpiece, amateur hackery like this one or an MSPaint scrawling, let’s see em. C’mon, it’s fun. Help us out of the last cold hard stretch of a long northern winter.

Of course, if you have a real actual boat with a real actual wicked cool paint job, go ahead and show it off. Though you’re probably too busy fending off your pack of sex-crazed groupies to bother.

Here’s my entry: the P-40 Flying Tiger Trout! You know you want one.

Hello. I chomps your milkshake.

Send yours to